I believe the conductor is to the orchestra
as the editor is to the author.
I want to help you make your words sing!


My goal is to help you create the best rendition of your work without interfering with your style and voice. Whether you need your writing proofread for minor errors or edited for concision, comprehension, and clarity, I can help.

I am a certified copy editor with a positive, professional attitude, an honest and encouraging approach to editorial advice, and an eagle eye for detail and accuracy. I can spot a “there” that ought to be a “their” from a mile away. Language, words, grammar, and punctuation are my passion.

I have experience in fiction, nonfiction, business, educational, feature writing, and editing for print and online publications. Projects I have worked on include books, magazine articles, short stories, educational curriculum, blogs, professional emails, and business materials.




“Liz’s enthusiasm is matched by her dedication to consistently delivering a high caliber editorial product. She’s attentive to deadlines, committed to detail, insightful in her analysis, and always a pleasure to work with.”
__Judy Cole, Editor/Journalist/Author

“Liz has edited several stories for me. Whether I’ve been looking for just a spelling and grammar check, or help with tightening up my sentence structure and sensibility, she’s been able to help. Liz is very easy to work with and she always gets back to me a timely manner.”
__ Sammi Lou Thorne, Author